25 Mayo, 2015 - English

Maybe you have watched a bunch of minutes of Jazza’s 12 Hour Animation Challenge. Well, I, the artist and fan Squiel, have downloaded the FULL STREAM and now I’m making it available for EVERYONE.

If you do not know him, he is a species of artistemus, better known as artist. He seems to be human although he has rare features such as great drawing and animating. He is a full-time animator and illustrator and also devotes his time to create tutorials about art. In the following fotograph we can see his standard outlook, but he also has a tendency to wear hoodies.


This wonderful creature has accepted and accomplished the challenge of creating a full animation, start to finish, in the lapse of 12 hours (12 hours, 45 min. and 38 sec. to be exact). He streamed in his Twitch channel and now I, Squiel, publish the full video for your enjoyment.

Now you may wonder how I downloaded such a long video from Twitch, well, it wasn’t easy, I have to paid thieves and even sell a portion of my piteous soul. After that, I was granted the entrance to this forum where they explain how you can do it. However, I do not recommend the use of Fjoiner, it didn’t work for me. I do recommend using this procedure. Do not worry, I translated it for you:


Nonetheless, I have done this hard work and now you can download the finished piece below. (This method works for any video in Twitch, but it splits the video in files of 22 MB, so there are a ton of files, I recommend using the downloading software Jdownloader)



The video is divided into 3 parts, two of 650 MB and the third one of 179 MB. Use a software like Winrar, 7zip or similar to join them.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


I wrote this funny piece (funny in many senses) to try to help him share his work. He couldn’t upload it to Youtube or other websites because of the length of the video. But now you can watch the full stream (after downloading it and several hours have passed) in your computer. I must wait until holidays to watch it in one row.


Here are the full animation and the time-lapse versions of the creation process.

This is it for now, thank you for joining me and until next time! See you later.

His web     His Youtube channel       His Newgrounds profile            His Twitter

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